Employee Offer

Drive Away For Less
Special Employee Offer
Employees can buy from Avis Car Sales at the wholesale price*, which is priced well below retail value.

How it works:
Browse our extensive inventory of low-mileage vehicles. Remember that the online price does not include your exclusive employee discount. US employees can purchase vehicles in your state, even if no inventory is displayed in your state.

Fill out the information on the form to the left. Please remember to include your WWID and phone number. If you are interested in certain vehicles, please include the make/model or VIN number in the additional comments section.

An IFS professional auto consultant will contact you within 24 hours to provide you with employee pricing and walk you through next steps. Please note that the pricing provided will be lower than the pricing listed on aviscarsales.com.

With IFS, you can set up your Ultimate Test Drive for up to 3 days** at your preferred location.

Friends and Family Special Offer
Friends and Family are also eligible for additional discounted pricing. Be sure to select "Family or Friends" in the referral form to the left.

Employees who refer friends or family receive a $100 gift card upon purchase

*Sale price will approximate ABG's Net Book Value or Wholesale value, plus selling expenses. Documentation fees, vehicle title, registration, and taxes are not included in the price. Offer valid until 6/30/2019. We reserve the right to change the offer at any time. All car purchases will be facilitated by Innovative Funding Services (IFS). Vehicle pricing will be communicated via IFS.

**Drive any car for up to two hours without a dealer riding along. Hit the highway or cruise around the block. Take your time we don't mind. Take the Ultimate Test Drive for up to three days. Drive a car to work, run some errands or see how it fits in your garage. Try out any car for a reduced rental fee for up to three days. If you decide to purchase the car, your rental fees will be 100% reimbursed.