Avis Used Cars for Sale in the Jackson, MS Area

Buying a new car is a big deal. At Avis, we simplify the process so you can find your perfect car without the hassle of visiting a used car lot. 

Our Ultimate Test Drive inventory features premium used cars for sale in Jackson, MS. See for yourself what we have to offer. Just visit the "Find Cars" page and specify exactly what you're looking for. See something you like? Request a test-drive online-no need to go through a sales rep. Then head to our lot for pickup and hit the road. That's it! Car sales in Jackson, MS, just got easier. 

Browse our online inventory to schedule your Ultimate Test Drive today.

What is the Ultimate Test Drive?

If you're in the market for a used car in Jackson, MS, schedule an Ultimate Test Drive through Avis Car Sales.

The process takes just minutes. Look through our online inventory and pick out a car you'd like to try. Make an appointment and stop by our Jackson location to get the keys. Sign a rental agreement and then hit the road! Your test drive lasts up to two hours. 

Should you want more time, just pay a low daily fee and we'll extend the rental period to three days. We'll even waive the fee if you decide to purchase the car. 

Questions? Our FAQ page has more information.

Experience the Ultimate Test Drive in three easy steps.

1.    Choose your car and test drive location.

2.  Pick up the car and test drive on your own for up to 2 hrs for free. Keep the car up to 2 days for as little as $70 per day. Whether you want to take your family/friends out for a spin or take it to your mechanic; it's yours for up to three days.

3.  Love the car? We're committed to finding you the perfect solution to suit your financing, extended warranty and other product needs. We'll streamline the required paperwork needed to complete the purchase. Any rental fees will be reimbursed if you decide to buy.

Ultimate Test Drive Locations Near Jackson

Ready to get behind the wheel of your next car? Make an appointment for an Ultimate Test Drive and pick up your used car at our Jackson location. Take your time with the car-get a feel of how it drives both in town and on the freeway. A rental agent, not a sales rep, hands you the keys, so you won't feel any pressure to buy. You even get to take the test-drive by yourself. Should you have questions, a personal auto consultant is available via phone or email. 

Be sure to make an appointment so we can have everything ready before you arrive! Find us at: 
  • 5341 Lakeland Drive, Flowood, MS 39232

Why Buy a Used Car in Jackson from Avis?

You shouldn't settle for anything less than a top-quality car. At Avis, you can be sure you're driving away in a safe, reliable vehicle. Every car in our inventory is carefully screened and tested before it goes up for sale. Our easy-to-use, searchable inventory provides you with a detailed breakdown of each car to ensure you know exactly what you're getting. Take the car for a test drive before you buy to get an even better feel of it. 

Don't wait! Schedule your Ultimate Test Drive today.

NOTE: If you visit an Avis rental location without requesting an Ultimate Test Drive, no cars for sale will be available. Ultimate Test Drive cars must be requested in advance and are picked up at an Avis rental location. A rental agent provides the keys to a rental car that matches the requested model, but the rental agent is not a salesperson. Drivers must meet all Avis requirements for vehicle rental. Drivers pay a discounted rental rate for the period of the test drive if it exceeds two hours. The rental fee is waived if a car is purchased. The car purchased may not be the exact car rented during the Ultimate Test Drive.


  • We're here to help: 855-850-0040

Avis Used Car Financing Options in Jackson, MS

Ready to park that car in your driveway permanently? Avis Car Sales can help you secure financing. Fill out our online loan application on your own schedule. Once you submit, we'll process it and find you the perfect lender. Why wait?

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