Avis Used Cars for Sale in the Dayton, OH Area

Dayton is known for its innovation. At Avis, we are too! We've reinvented the car-buying process to be fast, easy, and hassle-free with our Ultimate Test Drive. 

You'll see only top-quality used cars in our Dayton inventory. Finding the one that's right for you is easy. As you browse, narrow down the cars you see by criteria like make, model, color, and body type. Just select your vehicle and stop by one of our locations for pickup. And when you're ready to buy, there's no bartering or squabbling-every car is pre-priced. 

Don't wait! Schedule your Ultimate Test Drive with Avis Car Sales in Dayton, OH, today.

What is the Ultimate Test Drive?

A typical test drive starts at a used car lot and involves a quick drive with a sales rep riding along. An Ultimate Test Drive begins at the Avis rental lot of your choice and lets you go for a spin all by yourself for up to two hours.

The Ultimate Test Drive also includes an option to rent the car for up to three days. You can take the car to your mechanic or let the whole family take a trip and get everyone's input. If you buy, any applicable rental fees are waived. 

Questions? Visit our FAQ page.

Experience the Ultimate Test Drive in three easy steps.

1.    Choose your car and test drive location.

2.  Pick up the car and test drive on your own for up to 2 hrs for free. Keep the car up to 2 days for as little as $70 per day. Whether you want to take your family/friends out for a spin or take it to your mechanic; it's yours for up to three days.

3.  Love the car? We're committed to finding you the perfect solution to suit your financing, extended warranty and other product needs. We'll streamline the required paperwork needed to complete the purchase. Any rental fees will be reimbursed if you decide to buy.

Ultimate Test Drive Locations Near Dayton

We've got quite a few locations around the Dayton area where you can pick up your Ultimate Test Drive vehicle. Before you visit us in person, make sure to request a car from our inventory-test drives are available by appointment only. 

Once you book your Ultimate Test Drive, we'll bring it to your pickup spot and get it ready to take out. When it's your appointment time, you can head to the specified location in one of these cities:
  • Dayton
  • Beavercreek
  • Centerville
  • Fairborn
  • Franklin
  • Kettering
  • Springfield

Why Buy a Used Car in Dayton from Avis?

Our Ultimate Test Drive makes the car-buying process quick and easy. You won't have to deal with a car salesperson talking your ear off about price, car features, or the history of the car. You only see the cars you want to see, and you can test-drive on your own time. Plus, each of our cars is Avis Certified, having received its factory-recommended maintenance on time. 

Schedule your Ultimate Test Drive today to get a closer look at our incredible fleet. 

NOTE: If you visit an Avis rental location without requesting an Ultimate Test Drive, no cars for sale will be available. Ultimate Test Drive cars must be requested in advance and are picked up at an Avis rental location. A rental agent provides the keys to a rental car that matches the requested model, but the rental agent is not a salesperson. Drivers must meet all Avis requirements for vehicle rental. Drivers pay a discounted rental rate for the period of the test drive if it exceeds two hours. The rental fee is waived if a car is purchased. The car purchased may not be the exact car rented during the Ultimate Test Drive.


  • We're here to help: 855-850-0040

Avis Used Car Financing Options Available in Dayton, OH

Complete your Ultimate Test Drive with a car purchase. Financing is simple when you fill out an online loan application through Avis Car Sales. Request a loan today and make that Avis Certified car yours.

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