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You can find some of the best used hatchbacks for sale when you shop with Avis Car Sales. Browse the types of hatchback cars available at Avis Car Sales, and then find a car to test-drive.

Types of Hatchbacks

Standard Hatchbacks

Any car in this subcategory could serve as the prototypical example of a hatchback. In the passenger area, these cars have roughly the same amount of space as compact or midsize sedans, but the hatchback trunk gives them more room in the back.

  • Kia Soul
  • Ford Fiesta
  • Nissan Versa

Hybrid Hatchbacks

Trust a hybrid hatchback to get amazing gas mileage, especially at city driving speeds. These cars use both gas and an electric motor to generate power, and the dual system makes the vehicle use fuel much more efficiently. Most cars in this group have the same legroom and headroom you’d find in an intermediate sedan.

  • Toyota Prius

Hatchback Coupes

If you want a hatchback that feels a bit sportier, look at a hatchback coupe. These cars bear a small resemblance to sports cars because they have only two doors and four seats. However, since they don’t have high-performance engines like true sports cars, hatchback coupes are an affordable way to take home a practical yet sport-like car.

  • VW Beetle

Typical Features
  • 4-5 seats
  • 2-4 doors
  • Front-wheel drive
  • 26-50 miles per gallon
Recommended For
  • Commuters
  • Eco-conscious drivers
  • Food/small-item delivery drivers