You want your pre-owned car to feel like new, and you want the peace of mind knowing that it has been well-maintained. We take outstanding care of our fleet and all our vehicles go through a rigorous selection process.


One owner

  • Our certified cars have never passed to another ownership. Each car has been in Avis' rental fleet since day one.

Received all factory-recommended routine scheduled maintenance

  • We love our cars and take good care of them-from regular washes to factory-recommended preventative maintenance.

No open recalls or safety campaigns

  • We're just as concerned about safety as you are. We won't sell a vehicle with an open recall or safety campaign.

Inspected by ASE-Certified mechanics

  • All vehicles selected for Avis Certification must pass a rigorous multi-point inspection process completed by certified mechanics, including ASE-Certified and ASE Master Technicians. That means that factory-trained experts have checked these vehicles from bumper to bumper.

Our comprehensive multi-point inspection check list:

Test Drive / Steering

  • Car starts as normal, drives and shifts as built
  • No abnormal engine noise present
  • No abnormal exhaust noise present
  • No abnormal noise/rattles/squeaks
  • Dash gauges and lights are operational
  • Speedometer & Cruise control operate correctly
  • Collision Avoidance Systems functional
  • Parking brake: sets, holds and releases
  • Vehicle does not drift, shake, or vibrate
  • No resistance in the steering wheel when turning
  • No clicking or clunking when turning


  • No grinding noises when applying brakes
  • Check brake pads, must have > 25% remaining, list below:
  • Master cylinder, brake booster:operating correctly, no leaks
  • Brake calipers, lines and fittings: OEM operation, no visible leaks


  • Check for trouble codes. Repair/Clear as needed.
  • Ignition, starter and accelerator: proper operation and condition
  • Engine seals & gaskets: condition, no visible leaks
  • Check for evidence of oil sludge. If sludge, not eligible for retail lot.
  • Engine hoses, belts, tensioner are operational and in good condition
  • Transmission: no visible leaks
  • Ensure vacuum line condition is good
  • CV axles & boots, L & R: no visible leaks/damage
  • Differential/drive axles L&R: no visible leaks/damage
  • Steering rack/pump/hoses¬† operation, no visible leaks or damage
  • Undercarriage / Suspension - no damage or leaks, all OEM operation
  • Struts/shocks: proper ride height & condition, no visible leaks
  • Hood insulation, Labels/decals present
  • Water pump operation, no visible leaks
  • Fuel pump operates, no visible leaks.
  • Battery and cables: condition, level, load test, free of corrosion
  • All doors/trunk/hood open/close without drag/noise/etc
  • All tires match, pressure correct, no damage

Fluids & Filters check levels/condition

  • Oil clean to sight & touch; change oil if within 2,500 miles of PM
  • Washer fluid topped off
  • Transmission fluid looks clean, not dirty or gritty
  • Ensure engine coolant level
  • Ensure brake fluid is within a half inch from from the cap
  • Filters checked and replaced, if dirty


  • Glove box and Console latch/lock operational
  • Turn signals & Horn operate effectively
  • Interior lamps & Power Outlets operate effectively
  • Stereo works, including CD player, all functions
  • Heater operates effectively, and blows warm air
  • Air conditioning operates effectively, blows cold!
  • Defogger/defroster operates
  • Windshield wipers work effectively (change if needed)
  • Windshield wiper fluid dispenses properly
  • Seat Belts functional and in good condition
  • All seats adjust properly, including memory operation
  • Heated seat functionality works properly (if applicable)
  • Power windows operate properly
  • Power door locks operate correctly (incl child safety)
  • Steering Column adjustments function properly
  • Driver side door and trunk lock & unlock with key
  • Hazard/Backup/License/Side Market lights
  • Headlights, including high beam, work properly
  • Fog Lights work properly
  • Clock functions and is set to the correct time
  • Outside temperature gauge operates
  • Stains/Cuts/Burns removed/resolved
  • Sunroof/Moonroof/Convertible Top function