Used Minivans & Passenger Vans for Sale

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Click the button above to explore our car fleet and shop for late-model minivans and 12- or 15-passenger vans near you. When you buy a van, you and your passengers will travel in comfort with plenty of space to stretch out, stow cargo, and additional ease in getting in and out of the vehicle. A van is the ultimate family vehicle.


Buy a used minivan and you can cruise down the carpool lane with the whole crew. Captain’s chairs in the second row make loading and unloading passengers quick and easy, and sliding doors mean you avoid bumping nearby cars after you park.

  • Chrysler Pacifica
  • Dodge Caravan
  • Toyota Sienna
  • Kia Sedona

Passenger Vans

If you need extra seats to accommodate a big group, consider our used passenger vans for sale. Keep everyone comfy on even the longest of road trips, and bring along everything you need in the ample cargo area. Find out if a 12- or 15-passenger van is available for sale in your area.

  • Chevrolet Express

Typical Features
  • 7-15 seats
  • 4 doors
  • Front-wheel drive
Recommended For
  • Families
  • Carpoolers