What is the shopping process?
First, figure out what you want in a car, such as body type and exterior color, along with the features you desire, like fuel economy. After you establish your criteria, search our vast inventory of late-model, well-maintained used vehicles in your area. After you find the car that best suits your needs and budget, contact a Personal Auto Consultant who’ll help set up your Ultimate Test Drive and potential car purchase.

Who is my contact?
You’ll work directly with a Personal Auto Consultant who is expertly trained to guide you through every step of the auto buying experience. They can answer any question you may have, over the phone or via email. While Personal Auto Consultants are based at centrally operated centers, all have direct access to the many thousands of quality used vehicles in our online inventory. Subject to the laws where you live.

I don't like to haggle. Will I still get a great deal?
Each vehicle has been competitively priced below market value, guaranteeing you a great deal. No haggling necessary.

When can I purchase the vehicle?
Purchase any time during or after your Ultimate Test Drive Rental. Subject to the laws where you live.

What is the Ultimate Test Drive rental?
The Ultimate Test Drive Rental is a convenient, no-pressure way to get a feel for your next car. Not only can you independently test-drive your car of choice, you can try it out for up to three days. What’s more, the Ultimate Test Drive can be arranged for a time that fits your schedule. Simply show up at the predetermined location, sign the standard rental agreement and get behind the wheel. Return the vehicle within two hours and you won’t be charged a rental fee. If you decide to test-drive the car for up to three days, you will be charged the daily rental rate. However, should you decide to buy the vehicle, the rental fee will be refunded to you. (Standard Avis rental eligibility requirements must be met.)

Is an on-line deposit required?
A deposit is not required to receive specific pricing or inventory information. Standard Avis vehicle rental requirements must be met to arrange for your Ultimate Test Drive Rental.

Where do I sign the sales documents and take delivery of my vehicle?
Delivery of your vehicle and sale documents will take place either at your predetermined Avis rental location or, if you prefer, the sales documents may be delivered directly to your home or office.

Can I trade in my old car?
At this time we will not be accepting trade-ins.

Vehicle Pricing

How can Avis its team offer such great prices?

Avis traditionally sells many of their rental vehicles at dealer-only auctions. By selling directly to the consumer, Avis is able to offer our quality used vehicles without added overhead and without sending the car to a wholesale auction. This allows Avis to pass those savings to you. We think you’ll enjoy this truly innovative and customer-friendly shopping experience.

Are the prices listed the real sale prices?

Yes. All vehicles listed on the site have been specially priced with a no-haggle price tag. We’ve eliminated the need to negotiate, so you’re free to review product specifications and make a purchase without having to waste time haggling. This makes shopping more pleasant, less stressful and delivers greater value. Additionally, your Personal Auto Consultant will provide you an out-the-door price to include all state and local fees and taxes.

Why do prices vary between similar vehicles?

Vehicles that appear the same (but are priced differently) may have different trim packages, higher or lower mileage, or additional equipment. Your Personal Auto Consultant can give you all the details you need to compare similar vehicles.

Are the posted prices negotiable?

Every vehicle is already posted with a no-haggle price. There’s no sales pressure and no need to negotiate. The price we post is the final price. Our goal is to make your purchase easy and enjoyable.

Do you offer financing options?

Yes. Your Personal Auto Consultant can help answer any financing questions and coordinate all your financing needs. Just ask for details – (833) 836-6630.

Vehicle Listings

What vehicle make are available?

Currently we offer a wide variety of makes and models, and we’re always expanding our fleet of vehicles. If you’re looking for a specific model and we don’t offer it, a Personal Auto Consultant will be happy to find you the closest equivalent.

Do you have eco-friendly vehicles available for purchase?

Yes. From time to time, environmentally friendly vehicles become available - just ask one of our helpful Personal Auto Consultants.

How many miles are on a rental car that's offered for sale?

Mileages will vary. All Avis rental cars are well-maintained throughout their history, and all are late-model vehicles.

What if the vehicle I'm interested in is no longer available?

We are constantly updating the on line vehicle listings to match the vehicles available. Although there are thousands of cars listed for sale online at any given time, vehicles are continually being sold. If a vehicle you request is unavailable, we will have other vehicles available to meet your needs.

Do you sell used vehicles outside the U.S.?

At this time, used Avis vehicles are not for sale outside the continental U.S.

Warranty & Protection

What kinds of warranties are available?

Most of our vehicles still carry the remainder of the factory warranty. Additionally, there are extended warranties, as well as other products, available for purchase to enhance your ownership experience. Please check with your Personal Auto Consultant for details

What kind of warranty comes with an Ultimate Test Drive vehicle?

All Ultimate Test Drive vehicles come with the Premium Assured Limited Warranty. The Premium Assured Limited Warranty provides 12 month or 12,000 miles powertrain component warranty and 1 full year of 24 hour/365 day Emergency Roadside Assistance. The Premium Assured Limited Warranty begins when you purchase the vehicle. Additionally, most of our vehicles still carry the remainder of the factory warranty for second owners.

For longer term protection, Premium Assured Protection Plan service contracts, as well as other protection products, are available for purchase to enhance your ownership experience. Please check with your Personal Auto Consultant for details.


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