What Determines the Price of a Used Car?

Many factors contribute to a car's price, including make, model, year, mileage, trim level, and added features. Vehicles that appear the same (but are priced differently) may have different trim packages, higher or lower mileage, or additional equipment. Your Personal Auto Consultant can give you all the details you need to compare similar vehicles.

Another factor is operating expenses and overhead associated with selling the car. Avis traditionally sells many of their rental vehicles at dealer-only auctions. By selling directly to the consumer, Avis Car Sales is able to offer our quality used vehicles without added overhead and without sending the car to a wholesale auction. This allows Avis to pass those savings to you. We think you'll enjoy this truly innovative and customer-friendly shopping experience.


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Are the Prices Listed the Real Sale Prices?

Yes. All vehicles listed on the site have been specially priced with a no-haggle price tag. We've eliminated the need to negotiate, so you're free to review product specifications and make a purchase without having to waste time haggling. This makes shopping more pleasant, less stressful and delivers greater value. Additionally, your Personal Auto Consultant will provide you an out-the-door price to include all state and local fees and taxes.

Can You Negotiate Used Car Prices?

Every vehicle is already posted with a no-haggle price. There's no sales pressure and no need to negotiate. Our goal is to make your purchase easy and enjoyable.