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Feeling indecisive about whether to drive home a sedan or an SUV? You don't have to choose-pick a crossover instead! These cars are built on a lower, sedan-like frame but they have a longer, SUV-like shape. Crossovers are sometimes referred to as CUVs (crossover utility vehicles), a nod to the fact that they look more like SUVs than sedans. When you shop for a used crossover SUV, you can expect to find a sizeable, comfortable interior and a sleek, rugged body.

Avis Car Sales has a nice selection of used crossovers for sale. Shop our inventory today for these pre-owned crossover models:

The smallest, sportiest crossovers fit neatly into the subcompact category. Think of these vehicles as the crossover version of a hatchback sedan. The boxier back end usually means a little bit more storage space than you'll find in a hatchback, but the seating space is about the same.

A compact crossover beefs up the amount of space you find in a subcompact. The drivability of a compact CUV is similar to a sedan, but they also have plenty of get-up-and-go for steep mountain driving. This car class has been hugely popular since the early 2000s, giving you plenty of models to choose from.

Typical Features
  • 5 seats
  • 4 doors
  • Front-wheel drive
  • 24-30 miles per gallon
Recommended For
  • Commuters
  • Weekend Adventurers
  • Families
  • Budget-conscious car shoppers