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Other Notable Traits of a Toyota 4Runner

Technology: The Toyota 4Runner offers up-to-date technology features that enhance any drive. Enjoy a modern infotainment system, excellent connectivity, and compatibility with Bluetooth, USB, and all your other devices.

Safety: This SUV is known for being safe and reliable. Newer models include pre-collision warnings and can alert you when pedestrians are close by. The vehicle also comes with side and front airbags, brake assist, and child safety locks.

Performance: From off-roading performance to the impressive engine power, the Toyota 4Runner shines in many areas. You'll get great horsepower and torque and some of the best off-road action in this vehicle class.

Shop for a Toyota 4Runner

Whether you're someone who loves camping and outdoor activities, or you're just looking for a great car to navigate snow and other terrains, the 4Runner is an ideal everyday vehicle. Head to Avis Car Sales inventory to shop new and used Toyota 4Runners for sale and find the perfect SUV today.

Great for:

  • Off-roading
  • Camping
  • Weekend trips
  • Driving in snow
  • Getting around town
  • Hauling gear
  • Traveling with family
  • Commuting
  • Driving in the rain

Common Questions About the Toyota 4Runner

How much is a Toyota 4Runner?

The price of a Toyota 4Runner depends on the year, mileage, and overall condition. For example, if you are interested in a Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro for sale, you'll probably end up spending more for the added features. Shop the Avis Car Sales inventory today to learn more about current pricing.

Does a Toyota 4Runner have a 3rd row?

The number of rows varies by vehicle, but most Toyota 4Runner models do come with a third row. When you shop our vehicle inventory, you can review the SUV details and confirm the number of seating. 4Runners with seven seats will include a third row, while 4Runners with 5 seats have two rows.

How much can a Toyota 4Runner tow?

Toyota 4Runners can tow about 5,000 lbs. While many of today's modern SUVs are designed more for families to get around town, carry groceries, and the like, the 4Runner stands out as an SUV that is still designed with impressive towing capacity, a powerful engine, and superior off-roading performance.