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Toyota RAV4 Features

When a Toyota RAV4 is for sale, it's a hot commodity. The RAV4 is a popular model due to its sleek look, comfortable interior, large trunk space, and effortless steering. Sit down and enjoy the ride as you experience high-tech controls in a roomy vehicle.

Other Notable Traits of a Toyota RAV4

Exterior design: No matter the color, the Toyota RAV4 is a clean and stylish SUV. With a rounded shape and ideal size, you get the perks of an SUV. 

Utility: Midsize SUVs are vehicles built for adventures, with their extra storage space and higher clearance. Plus, they are also easier to drive and park in the city compared to a large SUV.

Technology: Not only does it talk the talk but the RAV4 walks the walk, with a sleek and helpful console system. Take advantage of wireless phone connectivity, backup cameras, and other high-end accessories.

Shop for a Toyota RAV4

When coming across a used Toyota RAV4 for sale, get excited for a high-performance yet affordable SUV. From road trips to a daily commute, this vehicle is ready to travel in any weather. Browse through used Avis options in the Avis Car Sales inventory and bring this baby home today.

Great for:

  • Camping trips
  • Driving on various terrains
  • Transporting large items
  • Driving in the rain

Common Questions About the Toyota RAV4

How much is a Toyota RAV4?

The price of a Toyota RAV4 is determined by the vehicle's miles, condition, model year, and trim. To see what RAV4s are in stock or to view our prices, browse through our Toyota RAV4 inventory. As a used car brand, we take pride in our well-maintained vehicles and competitive rates.

Where is the Toyota RAV4 made?

Where your Toyota RAV4 is made depends on the specific model year. In 2018, for example, Toyota manufactured the RAV4 in various factories in Canada and Japan. In 2020, Toyota announced the production of RAV4s in Kentucky.

Is the Toyota RAV4 all-wheel drive?

Often, the answer is yes. However, it depends on the model year and make of the Toyota RAV4. The models which are equipped with all-wheel drive have a control on the dashboard to activate it. Other models that do not offer all-wheel drive are front-wheel drive. Check our available used RAV4 models to see what they provide.