Why and How to Buy a Rental Car

You have lots of options when it's time to buy a car. As you weigh the pros and cons of buying new versus buying used, consider that used rental cars for sale offer the best perks of both types:

    1. Like new cars, used rental cars have low mileage readings and some of the most desirable new features, like back-up cameras and wireless smartphone connectivity, plus an included warranty.
    2. Like used cars, former rental cars sell for a fraction of the MSRP and won't depreciate in value as quickly as a new vehicle.

Plus, some perks available from Avis Car Sales are unique to our former rental vehicles:

    1. Avis Certification, our guarantee that your car has been carefully maintained while in our possession


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Buying a Car from Avis Car Sales

The Shopping Process

First, figure out what you want in a car, such as body type and exterior color, along with the features you desire, like fuel economy. After you establish your criteria, search our vast inventory of late-model, well-maintained used vehicles in your area. After you find the car that best suits your needs and budget, contact a Personal Auto Consultant who'll help set up your Ultimate Test Drive and potential car purchase.

Your Personal Auto Consultant is expertly trained to guide you through every step of the auto buying experience. They can answer any questions you may have, over the phone or via email. While Personal Auto Consultants are based at centrally operated centers, all have direct access to the many thousands of quality used vehicles in our online inventory. Subject to the laws where you live.

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Why Do Rental Companies Sell Cars?

Rental car companies like Avis sell cars to make room for newer models in their fleet. When this yearly switch-over happens, hundreds of cars that have barely lost their new car smell become available to the general public for purchase.

You get to take home a nearly new car; we get to rotate our fleet and offer rental customers a premium driving experience.

How Do Rental Cars Compare to Other Cars for Sale?

Still undecided? This handy chart compares your options at a glance.

Avis Rental Cars


Used Cars

Varies, but buyers are expected to haggle
1-2 years old
Brand new
Typically 4+ years old
20,000-60,000 miles
Under 50 miles
Varies widely
New tech and comfort features frequently available
Newest features available for an additional cost
Limited feature availability
Vehicle History
  • No accidents
  • 1 previous owner (Avis)
  • All manufacturer-recommended maintenance done on schedule
  • No previous owners
  • No accidents
  • 1+ previous owners
  • Accident history unknown without a vehicle history report
  • Unknown maintenance history

  • Where Can You Buy a Rental Car?

    Avis Car Sales has rental locations nationwide where you can take the Ultimate Test Drive in one of our recently retired rental cars. We also have a growing number of sales lots where our used rental cars are always available for close-up inspection and comparison in a zero-pressure environment.

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