Can I Trade In My Car?

Yes. You can trade in your car if you are buying one of our AVIS Certified Pre-Owned vehicles from one of our dealership lots.

Do you accept a trade-in even if I'm not buying a car with Avis?

Currently, we don't. We only accept trade-ins if you are purchasing a car from one of our dealerships.

What if I trade in a car that I still owe money on?

No problem. We will accept your trade even if you still owe money on it, and we will even pay it off for you.

How long does it take to appraise a car?

The appraisal process does not take very long. It takes anywhere between 20-30 minutes from start to finish. But it all depends on the availability of the appraiser to do the appraisal.

Do I need to bring in any paper work or documentation for my car before or after the appraisal?

1.    For the appraisal bring your driver's license or a valid ID.

2.    To trade the vehicle in, you will need to provide proof of ownership of the vehicle. Typically, a copy of the registration or the title will suffice.

Is there a chance that you may not take a trade-in?

Yes. We will not accept trade-ins in the following conditions:

1.    That have a salvage or rebuilt title,

2.    With a known history of odometer roll back.

3.    That does not start or drive.

4.    That belongs to a non-present or unavailable third party owner

5.    Without a US title if vehicle is paid off

6.    With a Canadian title

7.    With a lien from a payday loan company

If I accept the trade-in offer, but my financing for the new car does not go through, what happens then?

If that happens, then you can still purchase the vehicle through the following options:

1.    Put additional money down to help secure the loan with enough equity.

2.    Provide a co-signer with adequate credit to help secure the loan.

3.    Secure your own loan through your local bank or credit union.

4.    Pay cash for the vehicle if you are able to.

What is the process to trade in my car at Avis Car Sales?

It's a very easy process. We will provide you an estimated trade-in value for your car on the same day.

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